About OasisCom

We are an ERP Software developer of management and integration for business processes with 30 years of experience in the IT sector. Our technological solutions are adaptable to companies of all industries, with a presence in sectors such as: coffee, health and commerce with retail and wholesale, always focused on the benefit of our clients and a solid digital culture.
3 decades

Our History


On October 1, 1990, OasisCom emerged as a student enterprise at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia and its first name was "M&G Sistemas".

Inicio de OasisCom


For the first decade between 1990 - 2000 OasisCom ERP Integrated Solutions was developed with the aim of making a world class solution. The first national and international clients were consolidated, such as Alambres Dominicanos and Totto, who trusted OasisCom ERP version R1.

OasisCom ERP soluciones integradas


For the second decade between 2001 - 2010 OasisCom Vertical Solutions was developed, consolidating itself as one of the few ERPs in the market specialized in industries and adaptable to companies in all sectors, automating specialized processes.

Soluciones verticales


For the next decade OasisCom will continue to work under a premise of constant innovation and integration of different technologies, staying at the forefront in the IT sector with:

Artificial intelligence Bots
Machine Learning IoT Blockchain

Soluciones en la nube
In the world

International Presence

  • ✔️ Peru
  • ️️️️️️️️️️️✔️ Mexico
  • ️✔️ Ecuador
  • ️✔️ Panama
  • ️✔️ Colombia
  • ✔️ Costa Rica
  • ✔️ United States
  • ✔️ Dominican Republic

Work with us

We are looking for people who are committed and passionate about what they do; who loves technology, and that is constantly challenged, willing to grow, teach and learn because they know the impact that this has on others.
maquilas, produccion de satelite

If you want to Work with OasisCom, send us
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