Key Features
It adapts to different production models: - In-house production. - Satellite production.
Calculates the cost of manufactured products after the production process, taking into account variations between standard costs and actual costs.
Modifies input materials used in the production process online, monitoring the cost impact on the manufactured product.
Optimizes the quality control process.
Manages your production processes.
Floor control and production routes.
Real-time production tracking.
Inventory optimization.
Manages production orders.

Highlighted Features

Controlling processes and managing the interaction of inputs for production processes.

  • Production Formulation

    Taking into account the product's technical data sheet, defines the various activities involved in the production process and its components.

  • Production Planning

    Creates the master production plan (MPS), using production requirements generated in the inventory system and sales system in relation to billing budgets as a starting point.
  • Material Requirements

    Determines material needs for executing the master production plan, integrating directly with the inventory and purchasing modules.
  • Production Control

    Establishes the standard manufacturing cost and the actual cost, involving the validation of materials along with their raw material costs, indirect manufacturing costs, and labor costs.
  • Production Closure

    Compares standard manufacturing costs versus actual costs and automatically generates the production closure at the end of the month, adjusting inventory costs and their accounting impact.

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