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Accounting Software

Control your company's financial operations:
By cost centers.
Business' units.
Easy parameterization.

control de contabilidad


Control and manage your company's movements:
Monetary flow.
Suppliers payments.
Company activity charges.
Scheduling of payments for obligations.

control de tesoreria

Financial portfolio

Access customer's account statement information:
Helping in administrative management collections.
Financial portfolio - Current interest and arrears.
Identifying overdue portfolios.
Establishing portfolio ages.

control de cartera


Establish your budgets allowing:
Validate what was planned / what was executed.
Make strategic decisions with ease.
Parameterize without complex integration codes.

control de presupuesto


Manage and control your production movements:
Inventory turnover.
Warehouse management.
Expiration dates.
Fixed assets.

control de inventario


Reduce HR management operational tasks:
Accounting module update in real time.
Automated payroll settlement.
Electronic Payroll

Learn more about the integration with our Payroll Software

control de nomina


Module oriented to companies that include among their objectives:
Associates recruitment.
Financial resources placement.

control de asociados
Accounting Software

With OasisCom you can control:

bank reconciliation

Avoid manual processes with bank reconciliation

multi-currency management

Multi-company and multi-currency management.

cash flow preparation

Budgets and cash flow preparation.

Manage your services

Manage your services, appraisals, owners, etc.

online account statements

Prepare online account statements.

Official budget Integration

Official budget Integration


Horizontal Property

With our horizontal property sector's specialized module, you will control all your online processes:

Common area reservations

Common area reservations and online control.

Monthly interests parameterization

Monthly interests parameterization based on portfolio balance.


Identification of co-owners, tenants, among others responsible of the property

Flexibility in the collection accounts

Flexibility in the collection accounts concepts creation of 'fixed, variable and other concepts'.

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